ROBOT Report - wbphenotype

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Row Level Rule Name Subject Property Value
1 WARN annotation_whitespace neuron degeneration enhanced [WBPhenotype:0002380] IAO_0000115 [IAO:0000115] Neurons undergo a dramatic decrease in cell volume, collapse of the vacuoles and processes, and complete disintegration of the plasma membrane and most organelles at a faster rate or greater extent than those under conditions that elicit this response in control animals.
2 INFO lowercase_definition 3 prime target RNA uridylation reduced [WBPhenotype:0002254] IAO_0000115 [IAO:0000115] 3' uridylation of mRNA targeted for silencing does not occur at the same rate or extent of targeted mRNA in control animals.
3 INFO lowercase_definition cell position defective [WBPhenotype:0002402] IAO_0000115 [IAO:0000115] a cell (or group of cells) is not found in the correct body position compared the placement in control animals.
4 INFO missing_superclass nematode phenotype [WBPhenotype:0000886] rdfs:subClassOf